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Derek believes that communication, transparency, sincerity and trust form the foundation of a great client relationship. His success stems in part from always being direct with clients, opposing counsel and the courts.  Bringing only meritorious and well-supported claims is the ethical foundation of his practice.


Derek truly cares about his clients and their suffering.  He listens and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Derek embraces each opportunity to represent people of all backgrounds, to provide a voice for the victims of both corporate and individual wrongdoing, and to stand up and fight for the causes in which he believes. His passion for doing the right thing and standing up for those who don’t have a voice is his call mark.


If Derek has learned one thing during his years spent practicing law, it’s to always be prepared. By drawing on decades of courtroom experience and his own continuous legal research, he is ready for anything and everything an opposing counsel might send his way during your litigation.


Results matter – especially when it comes to compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering. Derek stands committed to achieving a full – and fair – resolution for each and every one of his clients.


The National Crime Victim Bar Association – Helping Crime ...    




Mr. Braslow has introduced me to Consumer Rights Advocacy groups...
... and I have sent many letters to political representatives regarding drug safety, especially in the use of anti-depressants. In a sense, Mr. Braslow has given me a voice and a forum to express the dangers of such medications. It is by God’s grace that I found Mr. Braslow and his partners for they have given me the peace and closure I need in order to sustain myself and my three-year old son after the major loss we have endured.
When I think of Derek, the words that come to mind are...
... TRUST, CARE, EFFICIENCY AND RESULTS. He was totally there for me, and he cared… I mean, he really cared. I hated what I went through, but Derek was with me 100% and he was always there to listen to reassure me. That made a difference. He did everything he said he’d do and then some. And, he got RESULTS.
I called Derek, because I knew that...
... he was not only a well respected attorney, but a warm and caring person as well. He advised my family in a way that respectful and kind - he first and foremost wanted my mom to get better. Thankfully she did, but it was a long road. When the time was right, Derek handled the legal proceedings, treating my mom with the upmost respect, kindness and reassurance. She'd suffered PTSD as a result of the accident, and Derek was always on hand to patiently answer her many questions, and to help minimize her understandable anxieties. He was a ray of light and of hope in a very dark time, and I don't know what we would have done without him. Although we never wanted to go through this, Derek made it a little more bearable. He fought for my mom, and as a result, got her the settlement she deserved.
What had been a tragic experience...
... regarding the loss of my husband has now, with the help of Mr. Braslow, turned into a crusade for me to try to make a difference in the world.
I am very blessed to have found a firm whose philosophy...
... revolves around meeting the needs of its clients in a passionate and compassionate way. When I first met with Mr. Braslow, I had a lot of questions and fears regarding the legal procedures of my case. Mr. Braslow personally attended to my concerns and comforted me in the process.
Derek is an excellent lawyer who...
... shows great competency for the specialties he deals with in the legal community. His thorough understanding of his niche practise allow him to provide great strategy for his clients to receive the best outcomes. Also he provides his clients with full understanding of what is going on throughout the entire legal process helping them to become more informed and educated about their expectations and rights. He was very easy to work with and I would recommend him to anyone who has had issues in medical device cases.
Derek is a great friend...
... and first class attorney. In the many years we've been friends and colleagues, he has consistently shown himself to be one of the kindest and most committed advocates any client could ask for.

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