Since last summer’s 2018 grand jury investigation of the systematic cover-up of priest sexual abuse of thousands of Pennsylvania children, hundreds of additional priests have been identified as perpetrators.  Pennsylvania’s dioceses and religious orders have released their own lists, following the release from other Catholic dioceses across the country.  The number of credibly accused Pennsylvania priests has risen from around 300 to close to over 500.

Lists cited on cite 592 public accused clergy and lay people in Pennsylvania, with 147 in Philadelphia, 110 in Pittsburgh, 66 in Harrisburg and 65 in Scranton.

Meanwhile, while many of these cases have been settled under a settlement program, the law remains unchanged.  And survivors continue to face an uphill battle in court because of Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations.  A recent Pennsylvania appellate case, however, may open the door to further suits based on the fraud and cover-up of the abuse, which arguably would toll the statute of limitations for survivors.